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I am a Web Developer specializing in standards-based web development who also loves web design. Most of my sites are built with Drupal (see which is a powerful open-source Content Management System (CMS) with the support of a large developer community. The number of people involved and the passion with which they support this product make for a very robust and multi-functional tool. Drupal is great for dynamic sites where the content changes often (comments, photos etc.). If your content won't change much I also build static non-drupal sites from templates or from scratch using graphics that you provide or that we create as a team.

I began making web pages in the mid-90s using a widget I found on America Online. I realized after creating my own site that the html files were just text so I peeked under the hood. Since then I have read numerous books, taken classes, and received training in web development, photography, and graphic arts from online sources like and I build my static sites using a text-editor instead on an html editor which ensures that I know every bit of code that goes into a site. I build xhtml or html5 sites that validate using the w3c validator tool.